Friday, July 21, 2006

I took a bath today

"So what," you might say. "I hope you clean yourself EVERY day," you might say. Well, I do clean myself every day, but that is not why I was taking a bath. I was also not taking a bath to relax. I'll give you a clue why I was taking a bath. Here is a picture of the thermostat in my apartment:

As you can see, it pegs out at about 93 degrees. Luckily, I'm a temperature/time geek, so I have 3 other thermometers around the house. They confirmed that the temperature in my apartment was in fact 95 degrees.

It's god-damn hot in here, and I don't have air conditioning or insulation in my walls, so the only way to survive was to submerge myself in a pool of cold water with a fan blowing on me. That is why I took a bath.

And people still deny global warming.