Friday, September 22, 2006

What I did today

I had the day off work Thursday. I chose to take yesterday off because I had reached the limit of how much vacation I could accrue at work and had to take a day off by Sunday. Why not Friday, you ask? I'll get to that in a moment, I promise. So here is what I did:

-- Woke up and played on the Nintendo DS. My girlfriend bought a DS on
Sunday and I play this brain training game every morning since she got it.

-- Went to the market, where I got oranges and carrots. Oranges are really expensive right now because they have to be imported from Australia.

-- Did the dishes, made breakfast, and then ate breakfast.

-- Went out to lunch. My girlfriend wanted me to join her since I was free. Problem is, I had just finished breakfast about 20 minutes before.

-- Got a haircut.

-- Tried to buy used games for the DS, failed, bought some DVD's instead.

-- Went to T-Mobile, bitched about my shitty service, got some hacks from the clerk to help me out.

-- Bought six 6-packs of beer. This is where the no Fridays off thing comes in. Every Friday, my day is basically come to work late, read email, take a two hour lunch, have a meeting, work for an hour, and then drink beer with my coworkers who are nationally recognized beer brewers. This week is my week to bring the beer, and each week we do a tasting of multiple beers, so I needed six different kinds.

-- Went home and cleaned up for dinner.

-- Went to dinner.

-- Wrote this.

As you can see, I spent a lot of today eating, and the rest of the day doing errands. I gained five pounds today. I hope I crap some of that back out tomorrow.