Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gas station rating system

The other day I was driving my friend around, and I mentioned to him that I had just filled up at a four point gas station (petrol station for our European readers). He looked at me as though I was crazy, at which point I realized he didn't know the gas station rating system I was using, because I made it up. So now I share with you my system, so you can adopt it to.

I do two things every time I go to the gas station: fill up with gas and wash the windows. I am pretty anal about washing the windows, so the system is heavily weighted towards that. To score a gas station, award one point for each of the following:

- Good squeegees available
- Soapy water for said squeegee
- Good paper towels
- Cheap gas

(I give minus four points for not taking my credit card at the pump).

So there you have it. Now you can start rating all the stations you go to.