Saturday, March 31, 2007

A gambling story

I’m spending this weekend in Lake Tahoe, NV. Since I don’t ski, the only thing I have to do here is gamble. This evening I had such an awesome story that I just had to share.

I cashed in with $500, and I was playing $25 a hand. I was pretty close to even the whole time, until a new dealer came in and took me all the way down to $50 in chips. Then the old dealer came back in and I was slowly getting back up to even.

Everyone had left the table, and I was still down $125. Then I got the best blackjack hand in my life. I was dealt two 7’s against the dealer’s 6. I split, and got another 7. I split again and got another 7. Then I got a 2, which is a double down hand, so I doubled. I don’t remember what came next, but then I got an A on the next 7, which is also a doubling hand. Again I doubled. Then I got a 6 to go with the next 7, and on the last 7, I got another 2, and doubled again.

So at this point, I had $175 on the table against the 6. The dealer turned over his 6, and he had a 5 underneath. My heart sank. Then he pulled out a 2. An 8 or less and I was screwed. The dealer pulls a 9. He has 22, and I just won $175, putting me up $50.

I gave the dealer a big tip, and then got up and left, quite happy with my huge win, and then went across the street for a lobster dinner.