Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween at work

Today is Halloween, and I work at a high tech company in the Silicon Valley. You would think that people would be dressed up. I'll admit, I didn't put much effort into my costume, but at least I put on a wizard hat.

Today in the afternoon they had a little Halloween party, where some people brought their kids, but they also had margaritas and daiquiris for the adults. At one point one of the small (unattended) children started pouring themselves some daiquiri. I then began to have a debate with myself as to whether or not I had a moral responsibility to stop the child. My debate ended prematurely when someone else decided they had a moral responsibility to stop the child.

I think the saddest part of the whole thing was that the person who took 3rd place in the costume contest had the following costume: devil horns and a red tail. I think she put them on 2 seconds before the party.

I miss living in tract housing with my parents, where I had a whole house to decorate and hundreds of kids teeth to rot.

Happy Halloween everyone!