Monday, November 7, 2005

Dart Championships?

Was anyone else aware of this competitive sport? I mean, I've played darts before, but I didn't realize they had National Championships on TV until yesterday. I was watching a DVD, and when the movie ended, we flipped back to the TV at about 1am. The last person had left the TV on what I think was ESPN 8 (The Ocho). And on the TV was the National Championship in darts. My girlfriend quickly tired of it and went to sleep, but I was mezmorized. These guys were amazing. They could hit the triple twenty like 8 times out of 10. They were machines. One guy's arm looked like it was fastened to his body with just a single hinge it moved with such precision. And the wierdest part was there was an audience. So picture this: A room the size of a warehouse, with a single dart board in the middle of one wall. If front of it, hundreds of those little tables you see in bars. And all around, large white women as far as the eye can see. Apparently the only people that play this sport (professionally) are large white men who look like ex-cons, and the only people that watch are their large white women groupies.

I hit up Google for some more info, but it returned 598,000 results, so I have some reading to do.