Thursday, January 26, 2006

Picture day

I bought my girlfriend a digital SLR camera for Xmas, and then promptly stole it to take these pictures. These are all from December (which will be quite obvious once we start the tour).

This is my hexacle:

It's not really a cubicle, because it isn't in the shape of a cube -- it's half of a hexagon. If you look at the cube plans from above, it looks like a bunch of honeycombs, which we assume is to make us think with a hive mentality. A quick tour of the hex. On the left is the holiday bush (I'm a Jew, remember?). Next are my Bose Noise canceling headphones (essential for the modern hex dweller). Then you have my dual screens, which have the following underneath from left to right: My iPod (which has since been replaced by a new video iPod), my hula girl, stuffed beaver and a Linux penguin wizard from a company that went out of business in 2000, my Fiji pen holder with favorite red pen, my Y2K bug (he makes a "breaking" noise when you drop him), my clock/book light from IBM and lastly my blue and gold Cal bears. Above is the periodic table of money, a poster about Identity Theft from the Postal Inspectors and on the right are some hand drawn Nemo sketches my girlfriend made. On the far right, "The Guide to Beer", which was my holiday gift from my boss my first year, because he said I did not appreciate beer properly.

Here is another view of my hexacle from the outside:

From this view you can see the advantage of having been around awhile. Since I sit on the end of the row next to the windows, I get to take advantage of the window ledge on the other side of the aisle. That is where I choose to put the only signs of life near me -- my plant and fish tank. Ironically, the fish died two years ago. You can also see the origami hanging above my hex, again a
n art project by my girlfriend (the advantage of her being a 4th grade teacher is that she gets to do art with the kids).

Because I have a window cube, I get to look outside. When I look outside, this is what I see:


As you can see, I've got a pretty nice view. Remember, those pics were taken in December. Sunny, warm, California December...

So there you go, enjoy the pictures!