Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm cursed

A while back, I regaled you all with the story of how I witnessed an SUV do cartwheels. Well, this past week I was on vacation and I was driving down that same stretch of highway when I witnessed yet another idiot driver. It was not quite as spectacular as the SUV, but had special meaning for me, as it was almost exactly the same spot on the highway.

This time I watched a guy try to change lanes and squeeze in between an 18 wheeler and a minivan. Well, he didn't quite make it, so he had to slam on his brakes, causing his backend to start fishtailing. He ultimately ended up spinning around a few times and then stopping in the emergency lane, perpendicular to the freeway. By some miracle, he managed not to hit anyone, nor flip his car. So, not as entertaining as the last time, but still exciting.