Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Schoolbuses look like little yellow logs

Last week I flew to Chicago to visit my brother for a few days. As we were nearing the greater Chicago area, I started staring out the window as I often do on airplanes, and I noticed a little yellow log moving along the highway (yeah, I have a thing about roads). I realized that this little log was a schoolbus, and I thought that was kinda cool, because they look so different from every other vehicle.

Then I noticed another one. And another. Then I looked at a clock and realized that it was just about 3pm, and all of the schools were getting out, so I started playing a game: Find the school. The way you play is you look at where all the schoolbuses are going, and then try to extrapolate the location of the school based on their trajectories and the density of schoolbuses. Yes, it's a nerdy game, but since I was flying on Southwest, there was no movie, so I had to entertain myself somehow.